Club News

Work Party required on morning 5th September (see Notice Board).

The Youth & Junior Event has a change of date TBA due to it clashing with the Welsh water sports games down in Cardiff Bay.

Weed Status: None to be found.

The club usually suffers from the growth of weed for a short term during the summer. This clogs rudders and centreboards due to the one mast depth of the reservoir. It is a slight problem for the single-handlers, but is a significant problem for larger boats.

However, through the combination of environmental factors; sun, fertiliser’s run-off, and the clubs efforts using bales of hay, there is no weed to be seen at all.

Honda Youth Rib Competition Report 2004 Click Here

See new events calendar

Three Races on Sundays now starting at miday(12.00)!

Learning to sail – Come down to the Club on a warm day (see training andways into sailing)

Toolbox Talks
It is intended to start a five minute ‘Tool Box Talk’ Series during the lunchtime break on Sundays. These talks, conducted by volunteering members will outline issues such as use of outboard engines, capsize recovery techniques, OOD queries etc etc. If you have useful suggestions as to what topics you would like to see covered or if you would like to make a presentation yourself please email me or append your suggestions to the list on the notice board at the club below loopy’s dinner dance poster.

Provisional dates for 2004
We now have some provisional dates for 2004, including the series [2 days] which will become the new ‘offshore trophy’ series for 2004 download details here
[Requires Acrobat Reader]

New Race Officer Duties – – rota up on the clubhouse notice board and here

Membership forms now downloadable from here

Web Stats now displayed for your website see here for details

Ron Griffths Pursuit Challenge
Ron Griffiths’ family have kindly donated a trophy to the club in his memory which befitting Ron’s active part in putting together our pursuit races will be awarded to the winner of the pursuit series. A picture of our new trophy and some of Ron’s Ditties can be found here

Old Trailers and Trolleys . . There are a number of trailers and trolleys placed next to the entrance, and ready to be shipped to the scrap yard. If one of these is yours and you want it, remove it forthwith please. Our rules say that you may keep your trailer in the same space allocated as your boat. These trailers have been left in the compound for some time and unattended to. The same will shortly be happening to old unattended boats, and we will be disposing of these in the approved manner.

2003 Portsmouth Yardstick [Handicap]    No’s here