Racing Rules 2001

Racing Rules 2001


There have been changes to the racing rules for 2001 which apply from 1st April, unless varied by Club Rules.

The details shown here are not exhaustive, but are those most likely to apply at club level. 



The full set of rules, [including the appendices] can be downloaded


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Changing Course Rule [Rule16]

Mark Rounding Rule [Rule18]

16.2 Now states “When after the start signal, boats are about to cross, or are crossing on opposite tacks and the Port tack boat is keeping clear of the Starboard tack boat, the Starboard tack boat shall not change course if as a result the Port tack boat would immediately need to change course to continue keeping clear.” The Rule has been re-written, without any significant changes, but with significant improvement on clarity.

Starting Rule [Rule26]

The starting system introduced over the last couple of years has now been adopted as the standard.
[Although at BSSC the 4:2:Go will continue for the majority of racing]

Signal Flag & Sound Minutes before start
Warning Class Flag.
One Sound.
5 [Longer if Sailing Instructions]
Preparatory P or I or Z or Black.
One Sound.
4 [Longer if Sailing Instructions]
One Minute P or I or Z or Black removed. One Long Sound. 1
Start Class Flag removed.
One Sound.

Previously the Z [20% Penalty Rule] only applied if there was a general recall. Now it applies if the start goes ahead. If the race is restarted, re-sailed or rescheduled, the penalty will also apply, but not if it is postponed or abandoned.
It is felt that this change will make the use of the penalty far more likely in open meetings – even at BSSC.


Protest Requirements [Rule 61] Scoring
“Boats of under 16 metres in length no longer need to fly a protest flag and If the other boat is beyond hailing distance, need not hail, but shall inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity. ”
It will be interesting to see the application & effect of this rule change and it is felt that a witness to the fact of the required hail ‘protest’ [as before] would continue to be useful.
Appendix A now sets out the scoring systems and in particular the tie breaks. It is very close to RYA 1, published during the 1997 – 2000 rule period